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Idaho Results Center


Due to discontinuation of funding, this page will be taken down on July 1, 2015.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Idaho Results Center is to assist districts and schools in increasing their instructional capacity, so they are able to provide an integrated systemic approach to improving the results of students with disabilities. Idaho Results Center activities focus on supporting LEAs in designing, implementing, and sustaining systems that maximize resources. This is accomplished by:

  • Being prevention oriented: knowing who needs support early each year and putting those supports in place.
  • Implementing evidence-based practices for all students and tailoring researched interventions based on student need.
  • Using progress monitoring data to know when to make a change.

Idaho Results Center Foundational Beliefs

The Idaho Results Center works with Idaho districts and schools to establish instruction that is based on scientific research and involves the universal screening of all students three times a year to identify the need for additional instruction. Supported by the Idaho Results Center, districts and schools establish coordinated systems where:

  • Students receive the help they need quickly
  • Data is used for all instructional decisions
  • Student progress is monitored frequently to ensure instructional efforts are on track
  • Ineffective practices are discontinued immediately
  • Support is provided to teachers throughout the process

The foundation of this process is be on-going professional development, providing administrators and teachers with the necessary tools to ensure every student receives quality research-based instruction.