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IPBN Pre-Conference

IPBN Pre-Conference: January 10-12, 2017

SWIS Facilitator Training


What is a SWIS Facilitator?

Experience has shown if your school, district, region or state is committed to providing discipline information to teams, then an investment must be made to build the capacity to use these tools efficiently. SWIS facilitators are the key to transform and sustain the SWIS Suite as a functional information system influencing how your school supports student behavior.

To facilitate a school in any application within the SWIS Suite, a facilitator must receive the proper certification.

SWIS Facilitator

To become a certified SWIS facilitator, you will need to attend a 2½-day training delivered by certified SWIS Facilitator Trainers.

As a certified SWIS facilitator, you will be trained:

  • How to use SWIS
  • How to train schools to use SWIS
  • How to respond to the most frequently occurring questions
  • How to help teams use SWIS information for decision making
  • How to sustain SWIS use within each school you support

Pre-conference capacity limited to 30 participants. 

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