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Resources: Comprehensive Assessment Plan

For an introduction to the Idaho Reading Indicator, or IRI, click here.

For FAQ's about ITBS Administration, click here.

AssessmentTime FrameStudents AssessedMain PurposesExamples
Screening / BenchmarkBeginning of School YearAll Students
  • Determines risk status

  • Determines who needs diagnostic assessment

  • Helps teachers identify which students need intervention.

IRI / AIMSweb Benchmarks
DiagnosticAs NeededSelected Students (when more information is needed for program planning)
  • Determines instructional groups.

  • Helps plan instruction.

  • Helps teachers differentiate instruction based upon identified instructional needs.

  • Helps teachers define the type of intervention needed.

CORE Phonics Survey
Woodcock Johnson Diagnostic Battery
Progress MonitoringDetermined by Risk StatusAll Students
  • Determines if students are making adequate progress with current instruction.

  • Helps to identify if instructional treatments are working for groups and/or individuals.

  • Informs targeted group action plans.

AIMSweb Progress Monitoring Probes
DIBELS Progress Monitoring Probes
OutcomeEnd of School YearAll Students
  • Gives school leaders and teachers feedback about the overall effectiveness of their reading program.

  • Informs schoolwide action plans.