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William H. Parrett

Director, Center for School Improvement & Policy Studies

WParrettDr. William Parrett is a professor at Boise State University, Director of the Center for School Improvement & Policy Studies (CSI&PS), and an internationally known author and presenter.  Parrett is the founding director of the CSI&PS(1996) where he continues to work alongside a strategic team of leaders, designing and funding projects that have:

  • Improved teaching and learning in Idaho schools statewide
  • Established meaningful partnerships across the State and Nation
  • Supported school improvement efforts and district initiatives in over 90% of Idaho’s public school districts and charters
  • Provided research and scholarly opportunities for the College of Education faculty

Parrett has received international recognition for his work in school improvement related to students who live in poverty. A frequent speaker at international and national conferences, his consultancies include state departments, boards of education, state and regional service providers, and school districts in 44 states and 10 nations. He has co-authored nine books, the most recent being the 2012 award-winning Turning High-Poverty Schools Into High-Performing Schools. He holds a Ph.D. in Secondary Education from Indiana University.

Throughout his career, he has worked to improve the educational achievement of all students, especially those less advantaged. Parrett inspires and equips schools to not only meet the needs of impoverished students but push them to high achievement. Those efforts have positively impacted the lives of thousands of young people.


  • Media production, Heart of the Country, won the Award of Commendation from the American Anthropological Association, a Gold Apple Award for best of category at the National Education Media Network Festival, a National CINE Golden Eagle Award, and a Judges’ Award at the 24th Northwest Film Festival.

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